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Tom Wisniewski joins Mike from Japan to talk about the Seahawks Superbowl win! Also, the Olympics, Travel, Music…

Find Tom on Twitter: @Tomwisniewski

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ArtistThe Mike Herrera Podcast
Title#52- Tom Wisniewski, @Tomwisniewski
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Photographer/Videographer Jered Scott joins the podcast this week!

Follow Jered on Twitter: @jeredscott, Africa adventure, These Numbers Have Faces, Photography, Film, Nelson Mandela, Humanitarian efforts, Loveline, Japan, Death…

Overtime: Documentaries, Happy People: A Year in the Taiga…

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ArtistThe Mike Herrera Hour
Title#47- Jered Scott, @jeredscott
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New podcast with @theataris band! @TomAtaris @AmericanBryan & Erik Perkins.

The Ataris band - Twitter @theataris
Thomas Holst - Twitter @TomAtaris
Bryan Nelson - Twitter @AmericanBryan
Erik Perkins - Instagram @PerkinsworldWide

Another all night drive through the biting cold English countryside.. with a bottle of Scotland’s finest whiskey by our side, we recap our night out in Glasgow, Scotland.

Band life, tour life, traveling, China, El Paso, US border patrol, getting arrested, Seth Rogan voice, Bill Murray movies, Japan, band bars, food, hash, cannabis, bubble hash, drugs, music, barlife, after party, sticky situations and all! Thanks for listening and subscribing. Please rate and review the podcast if you love it! And most of all, thanks for allowing me to just be who I am. I urge you all to get to do what you love and love what you do!!

ArtistThe Mike Herrera Podcast
Title#MHP #EP9 Erik Perkins, Thomas Holst, Bryan Nelson
Album@TomAtaris, @AmericanBryan, Erik Perkins, @theataris @mikeherreraTD
Photo: Ljubljana, Slovenia in all it’s weird greatness! @mikeherreraTD

Photo: Ljubljana, Slovenia in all it’s weird greatness! @mikeherreraTD

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New podcast from on the road with Tristan Meier.

On a night drive through Germany from Erlangen to Munich. European food, Corporate greed and government corruption, Italian mafia, US Politics vs. European Politics, Economics, MXPX, Touring, Music, The Used, Tech, Travel: Istanbul, Turkey, Athens, Greece, Acropolis.   

ArtistThe Mike Herrera Podcast
Title#MHP Ep5 with Tristan Meier

MHP #01

Moscow April 2012

Moscow April 2012