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Musician Jack Parker is on the Mike Herrera Hour this week. His solo EP, Homegrown, is out now! Check it out on Jack’s Bandcamp page. Find Jack on Twitter: @jackwparker.

Some things talked about: Measles Vaccine Cancer Cure, Drugs, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Sting, The Police, Vinyl Collecting, Tumbledown Live, DIY Touring Advice, Q&A.

Overtime: Work/Family balance, Seinfeld, 90s, movies.

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ArtistThe Mike Herrera Hour
Title#67- Jack Parker, @jackwparker
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High-Lows Part 2! Jason Hockney Zeimet returns to the podcast and he and Mike go through Mike’s music archive: Mxpx, The Cootees, Arthur and Tumbledown. Facts, stories, high and low points, artwork. More on overtime. A must listen for MxPx fans!

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ArtistThe Mike Herrera Hour Podcast
Title#51- Jason Hockney Zeimet
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Thanks for listening on Idobi! Overtime here: I met up with Matt, from Alkaline Trio while his band was on tour. We got into this conversation on their tour bus outside The Showbox Market in Seattle, Washington.

Matt Skiba, Alkaline Trio @matttskiba @Alkaline_Trio

Fat Mike, Faith, Dolphin/Sharks, The ocean, Fear, Anxiety, Leaving your comfort zone, tour, good and evil, Duality, NSA and government spying, Rights, Constitution, Obama, Epiphanies, Stoners, Spirituality, Transcendental Meditation, David Lynch, Nancy Cooke de Herrera, Information overload, Navy Seals, China Beach, Cops, Tenacious D, Jerry Fin, Morrissey, Aliens/ETs, Dark Mission by Richard C Hoagland, Pyramids, Flying saucer, Illuminati, Bilderberg, Charity, Organized Religion, Enlightenment, Puppet politics, life hacking, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the pursuit of happiness, living positively.

Pictures from the trip:

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ArtistThe Mike Herrera Podcast
Title#MHP #EP18 Matt Skiba, Alkaline Trio
Album@matttskiba @mikeherreraTD
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New podcast with Jose Garzon, Florida’s Finest (FLF), MXPX Allstars, and blogger.

Tech, Psychological Warfare, Opting Off (TSA), Ecuador, Ghost Stories, Politics, the meaning of life, infinite possibility, music, future, 3rd dimension, cannabis, philosophy, Religion, Spirituality, New Age, Family, Songwriting, Podcasting, YouTube, comedy, being a dog/pet owner and dealing with death.

ArtistThe Mike Herrera Podcast
Title#MHP #EP6 with Jose Garzon
Album@holajosegarzon @mikeherreraTD
Moscow April 2012

Moscow April 2012